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Real Estate Investing Journal

My name is Kelly Rastatter. This is my real estate investing journal where I chronical my journey from the beginning.

My husband and I have been working corporate jobs for many years now. While we both have been successful, we hit a point where it was time for a change. Nashville had been in a huge boom and so the towns on the outskirts were booming also. This meant our commutes were taking up a massive amount of our “free” time and we were exhausted.  We decided on a big change.

In October of 2016, we started considering selling our dream home, which we had just bought 4 months earlier, and move to a whole new city.

In June of 2017, we closed on a house in the urban area of Chattanooga. We had always been suburb/rural dwellers so this was a big change. We went from 2 acres to essentially no yard but we could walk from our new home to everything downtown living has to offer. I moved and found a new local employer to work with that is only a few minutes from our new home.

When we closed on the sale of that suburb dream home, my husband was forced to quit the career he had been building for the last 10 years. He finally got to move to the city with me and go back to school full time to finish earning his degree. He also committed to going after his lifelong dream to be a commercial pilot.

Go Big or Go Home

As of the start of this blog, I am working full time under contract with a major employer and my husband is in pilot training. I’m hoping to move to employee status soon. I want to be able to retire one day and also take care of my family if I’m not able to work. Enter real estate investing. I don’t know who said it but “Go Big Or Go Home” keeps running through my mind.

My goal with this site is to both be transparent about what it takes to start a real estate investment company while working a demanding job and also to hold myself accountable. Please feel free to comment with suggestions or questions as I continue to pull back the curtains and reveal every step on my journey.